ADDENDUM - Recurring Monthly Service Agreement
Premium Traffic Direct Mail Services

NCID/CourtLogic agrees to provide Direct Premium Traffic Mail Services at a base rate beginning at 91 cents for black and white or 93 cents for color, or at a DISCOUNTED RATE based on volume. Rates are based on two letters with full color, to include LOGO, selected paper (noted below), envelope and/or waiver. Prices can be negotiated if printed in FULL Black & White. NCID/CourtLogic rate schedule is also based upon the current United States Postal Rate in effect at the time this Addendum is executed. Prices will increase at the same rate and schedule as the United States Postal Rate, but may also be changed by NCID/CourtLogic at any time without notice and the rate schedule shall be deemed automatically revised to conform to such price changes. Client will be invoiced on the same billing cycle established under Client’s Recurring Monthly Service Agreement, the terms and conditions of which are incorporated into this Addendum by reference as if set forth verbatim herein. Client also understands and agrees that Client will not receive credit for any letters that are returned by the United States Postal Service for any reason.

Your negotiated rate will be: $0.80 for a two week trial period, and $____ thereafter.
Direct Mail Services include:
Create Material(s) Print Letters Sealing
Download AOC Data Print Envelopes 1st Class Postage
Purge Duplicates Collating Sort
Mail Merge Folding Mailing
Address Letters Inserting Replenish Materials

Authorized Signature for CLIENT Authorized Signature for NCID
Firm Name: Firm Name:
Print Name: Print Name:
Signature: Signature:
Date: Date:


PAPER Color: Select:
ENVELOPE Color: Size/Type: Select:
Natural/Cream Premium Vellum Finish Natural/Cream Premium Vellum Finish #10/Window
White Premium Vellum Finish White Premium Vellum Finish #10/Window
Grey Premium Vellum Finish Grey Premium Vellum Finish #10/Window
Pink Premium Vellum Finish Pink Premium Vellum Finish #10/Window

Please complete, sign, date and FAX this form to: 800.792.2945