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Out-Of-State MVRs

A comprehensive review of individual driving records, including offenses and citations. Have a client with an out of state license? We can access out of state driving records for our customers and usually return results within a few minutes of receiving the request. With motor vehicle reports from CourtLogic, you'll get timely, comprehensive, and reliable reports on an individual's driving history, including driver's license information, driving history including deducted DMV points, driving restrictions, and more.

In order to procure an Out-Of-State MVR, you must have the written consent of the consumer. Orders placed for Out-Of-State MVRs are subject to audit by CourtLogic’s service provider(s).

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The following is a list of states that we do not have access to: AK, AR, CA, DC, IN, GA, NM, OK, PA, VA, WA

We require a signed release before delivering traffic records. You can download our sample release form and customize to your needs.

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